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Truth Or Territory – About the Book

Have you ever heard Christians speak of “binding Satan,” “praying a hedge of protection,” “rebuking the devil,” or, “renouncing generational curses”? Have you ever wondered if these practices are even the least bit biblical? If you tune in to “Christian” television you might get the impression that real spiritual warfare is waged by prayer mantras and hand-to-hand style combat intended to take back territory held by Satan and his hordes. Neil T. Anderson, Bob Larson, Frank Peretti’s novels and charismatic theology have popularized a view of spiritual warfare that has more in common with something you would find in a Harry Potter novel than anything you read about in Scripture. Much of the modern spiritual warfare movement consists of a theology based on anecdotes, experiences, and even interactions with demons. These practices and the assumptions behind them are not just wrong, but dangerous. True spiritual warfare is not a battle for territory, but a battle for the truth. This battle  is not waged with prayer mantras and well-timed rebukes aimed at the devil, but through the proclamation of the gospel and the Word of God.

In Truth Or Territory, Pastor Jim Osman presents a theology of spiritual warfare based on Scripture and Scripture alone. Truth Or Territory offers an evaluation of those practices and an examination of Ephesians 6 and in its context. The table of contents provided below will give you some idea of the contents of this book.


Part 1: Establishing Biblical Principles
Chapter 1 – Our Source of Intelligence
Chapter 2 – Truth or Territory?
Chapter 3 – The Enemy and His Army
Chapter 4 – The World and the Flesh

Part 2: Exposing Unbiblical Practices
Chapter 5 – Carnal Weapons: Hedges
Chapter 6 – Carnal Weapons: Hexes
Chapter 7 – Carnal Weapons: Binding Satan
Chapter 8 – Carnal Weapons: Rebuking Satan
Chapter 9 – Carnal Weapons: Spiritual Mapping

Part 3: Explaining Biblical Perspectives
Chapter 10 – Can a Christian Be Demon-Possessed?
Chapter 11 – Is Christ’s Authority Ours?
Chapter 12 – What about Exorcisms?
Chapter 13 – Spiritual Warfare and Sanctification

Part 4: Examining a Biblical Passage
Chapter 14 – The Posture of a Soldier
Chapter 15 – The Protection for a Soldier
Chapter 16 – Conclusion: A Final Appeal
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